Summer Outing

Some mysteries are hard to explain – Well, I posted on this above topic only a couple of days back and know for sure that it was there – and quite mysteriously, the post disappeared. I can hear you say, “that’s not our problem”..Yes! That’s not yours – but I really wanted to break the ice here. It has been a quiet (and quite a) couple of months here on this blog page. The best way to break the ice is by sharing some celebratory news..specially with those who missed being part of the fun.
Cogent recently had its Summer outing at the Lower Huron Metro Park (June 28, 2008). The day started off rather gloomily with dark clouds and humid air around. So, when I landed at the park with my family at 10:30 AM, there was hardly any soul in the park – leave alone any Cogent souls near our picnic area. But after 1 PM (yes – that’s after 2.5 hours), many folks started trickling in. What followed was not only a feast for the mouth but also for our minds and bodies. I am pretty sure many of us exerted our bodies, not quite knowing the limitations – It was all in good fun nevertheless.

The Pani Puri stalls, Bingo games, Boomerang throws and Kite Flying were all totally unplanned activities, but we did do what we intended as well – Cricket, Soccer, Dodge Ball and lots of running around. Whenever we were tired, we took short breaks by playing some indoor games (like Dumb Charades, Singing, etc.)

The day ended at 9 PM. Most of us left the park quite hesitantly…When one family member remarked..”I have heard that you are a close knit group and I am actually glad today that I witnessed that culture..” (of course, I am paraphrasing what I heard).

To me, that really summarized what I want Cogent culture to be. Needless to say, it is fulfilling to hear these kinds of comments and it only makes us strongly believe why such events are important!

Do check out the photos section for some pictures from the day or follow the link below.

[flickr-gallery mode=”photoset” photoset=”72157606086703242″]

So long..



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