HR Technology Conference

I am happy to announce that we will be participating in this conference between Oct 15-17. This is the first time for us as an exhibitor. Ingentis has been kind enough to join us – so we will be in full strength. Can’t get a better platform to show case our product…and services. And suddenly, with CogSAP around the corner, the month of October looks exciting.

Summer is almost gone – 2 more days and it is ‘Fall‘ officially! I like Spring and Fall seasons – The crispy mornings and chilly evenings are great for a bike ride or a jog. Even though, I would have wanted Summer to last longer, can’t complain much. It is still amazing to witness nature adapt. Leaves changing colors, trees shedding leaves and finally holding icicles – and then trees sprouting leaves, budding flowers, bearing vegetables & fruits, etc…only to do all these again the next year! Change is everywhere..including nature.

And that’s exactly what we are going through as well as an organization..Exciting changes and Energizing changes!

Thanks for being part of them..




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