As many of you might have read and heard about, CogSAP is finally here. Back in January, when we celebrated Cogent Day, one of the things we promised not just to ourselves but to the consulting community, was to organize our own SAP knowledge sharing event for our employees. It was not just to network (of course, that is one of my prime goals), but also to encourage our consultants to come to the stage and present their ideas to a group of audience. So, needless to say, I am extremely happy that we have managed to come this far and have managed to get this organized.

October 18 is the big day! We have about 13 speakers who have confirmed their participation and we are expecting at least 30-35 consultants (our local employees/consultants from the Metro Detroit area and some guest consultants/speakers) on that day. Organizing this, personally, has been very exciting for me. Three more weeks and I can’t explain what this event means to me.

So, if you can make it – please do!

And the way, here is the logo…And if you like it, don’t worry – I plan to get some CogSAP’08 special T-shirts ready for the event as well…

CogSAP'08 Logo




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