SAP symposium

Back to back conferences are challenging…Specially, if they are in two different locations. Which was why, last week was more than challenging for some of us. We got back from Chicago Friday evening..and barely had enough time to catch up with family before it was time to start planning for the next day. And I had to personally review all the session content, as the event editor. I don’t think I did a fair job of the latter.

Our first ever SAP symposium got underway at 9 AM – a few minutes later than the original schedule even though everything was ready. I need to thank Ron again specially for making it to the venue at 7 AM along with Kameshwari & I. We quickly set up the place.

The guest speakers were kind enough to grace the occasion in spite of it being a Saturday. So, our hearty thanks to Raj and Pawan!

As the day progressed, we were all feeling proud of ourselves as a company – We have come a long way..Everyone who spoke in front of a large group that day was well prepared and showed his or her individual competency in the chosen subject. The final session started at 6:25 PM and by then, it was already a long day. But Kamalesh made it up for that through his excellent style of presentation and through his ease of connecting with his audience via real life examples…Overall, the day proved Cogent IBS has a talent pool that can compete with any big service providers in the market.

I should acknowledge Anand, Pramod (Nuren) and Phani for their contribution to CogSAP’08.

The confidence this event has given us, I am sure we will have a bigger CogSAP planned for 2009.

Check out the pictures in our Photos page.



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