A hazy 2010 first quarter…

…Hazy only because, I was personally in the middle of multiple things. Trying to stand on your own feet after lying down for a long time can be equally exciting and enervating. That’s how we have started off our 2010. 2009 was a slow year and we did reasonably well by lying low and not aiming high. From that perspective, our 2010 has started off on a cautious note but also on a confident note. I had wanted to keep everyone updated through this blog space – but with regular twitter updates and facebook updates, filling up detailed blog updates seemed redundant.

The news is that we decided not to participate in Sapphire Now this year. But seems like there is an illustrious list of speakers there in Orlando. I am sure SAP has a few interesting things lined up to be announced at a forum like this.

So long then. Will try to get a detailed round-up of how we did in the first half..sometime in July. Till then, you will continue to get regular updates.



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