Apple and IBM = Yin and Yang?

By Phillip Garton

Apple and IBM

Apple and IBM have announced a partnership for the ages that could induct a new era in enterprise business systems. IBM will transfer over 150 of their enterprise and IT apps and tools which will be available on Apple platforms natively. In turn IBM will be selling iPhones and iPads to its business clients all over the world.

Apple will gain big data and analytics capabilities with its partnership with IBM. The apps that they will produce with IBM will be developed from scratch for iOS and they will supplement new cloud services with security and analytics as well as support for device management tools for MDM deployments.

The IBM MobileFirst apps for iOS will offer tailored solutions for industry specific problems. To accomplish this Apple will leverage the 100,000 IBM consultants to tailor the apps to the different industry needs. The Apple and IBM alliance will turn Apple’s devices into key processes and functionality in every industry possible.

The alliance will be focusing on retail, healthcare, banking, transportation, telecommunications and insurance, they will begin this fall running through 2015. Apple and IBM have design a complete solution, from cloud storage to MDM including private app stores. This is a powerful push against all other enterprise app solutions, with the mobile power house of Apple and the expertise of IBM for addressing enterprise customers issues this cant be ignored.

AppleCare will provide IT customers with 24 hour support through phone and online mediums and IBM will handle the physical location support. IBM will also sell iOS devices to its enterprise buyers which will include purchase and leasing options. IBM will expand Apple’s current business sells with its extend network and reach.

Apple made a lot of improvements when it deployed iOS 7 for the enterprise, and again strengthened them with continuing improvements to iOS 7. Apple will further change the playing field with the release of iOS 8 this fall.

This will come as a huge blow to both Google and Microsoft. Microsoft has banked on the success of the Windows phone and the Surface tablets on the adoption of this devices in the enterprise market space. Microsoft however is struggled to make a dent in this market and this will further hamper this. Google as well is was beating its advancements with Android L to give it a long missing foot hold in the enterprise. The alliance will continue to produce a moving target for Google. This may also be the nail in the coffin for Blackberry just as they were trying to make old new again, and jump start the Crackberry revolution. We will just have to wait and see this fall when the roll out begins.


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