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By Ganpy

As always, today’s Apple Event was characterized by all the hype one tends to expect from an Apple event and the paraphernalia that even a non-Apple fan (read it as Android fan) tends to get excited about, albeit mostly for a different reason. So it is not surprising that our Cogent Mobility team, which now is equally split in terms of iOS vs Android users, waited for the event with as much curiosity as everyone else around the tech world did.

The products were announced. Dates were announced. Features were demoed. Corporate Apple’s stars appeared on stage. One of the 2 big products announced today may actually be in your hands by 09/19. So you will be able to review the actual product for yourself.

This blog post is essentially an attempt to capture initial thoughts and reactions from the team. We would love to hear from you in the comments section, if you want to share your reactions or first impressions.


  • My PR advice to them would have been – Focus only on iPhone 6/6+, Apple Pay and the U2 album release today. But then that wasn’t the case. Neither did they ask me for my PR advice nor did I approach them.
    Not that I don’t think Apple Watch has no potential (Note: It’s not iWatch – It’s Apple Watch). On the contrary, the Watch discussion eventually overshadowed the iPhone 6 discussions IMO. Will it make a difference? No. Those who want iPhone 6 will get it no matter what. But a general noise thing they could have avoided.
  • On iPhone 6 and 6+ – Guess no surprises there at all. I liked everything (pretty much). Except may be the camera. Don’t know why Apple is afraid of taking a leap on the camera thing..Why do they always play catch up? Will take the battery life story with a pinch of salt.
  • Apple Pay is brilliant. It is a game changer for sure. Enough said.
  • Apple Watch – I know many were disappointed because of the square/quadrilateral design. I am a watch person..so it clearly didn’t affect me that much. End of the day, if you expect any company to try to replace a Rolex or a Tag Heuer with a gadget that does some geeky & nerdy stuff, then that is not going to happen. Period. There is a place for “Real Watch”. Then there is a place for such “Toy Watch”. I know the Motorolas and the Samsungs of the world are going after the Gen Ys and Gen Zs with their toy watch designs. But a bunch of watch enthusiasts like me (read it as “Real Watch” enthusiasts) will always treat these gimmicky toy watches as gimmicky gadgets. Nothing can be done about it. But Apple (and Jony Ive) is probably trying to attract people like me by creating a need – May be a need to use this gadget for specific occasions. They have partially succeeded today. I will consider these gadgets or toy watches (as I would like to call them) for only one purpose – While playing some sports – Be it running, walking, hiking, swimming or playing tennis, etc. The price point may seem high at the outset but the Apple Pay integration may actually make people ignore that price tag. Smart move not to crowd the market with Apple Watches at the same time when iPhone 6/6+ are being released. Gives enough time for consumers to set aside their next pay check for the “Apple Watch” purchase in 2015 (after they sacrifice their monthly car payment for iPhone 6+ 128 GB).

Xinye Ji

  • 50% more energy efficient A8!
  • The slow-mo video functionality alone is making me think about getting it
  • The Apple watch is probably the best looking square watch, but it’s still square…

Peng Xie

  • Okay… The event is totally zero surprising…
  • We’ve seen more on the performance of Metal and it’s amazing. I wonder how Apple’s gonna use it on Apple TV which has not been updated for more than a year.
  • Touch ID is opened to developers. That’s gonna be useful.
  •  Digital Crown and Tapic Engine is interesting. I would like to see developers create creative ways of using it.

Sean Kollipara

  • Wi-Fi calling is a welcome addition
  • High frame rate slo-mo (240 fps!) is amazing
  • ApplePay is Google Wallet with a proper roadmap to ubiquity. ISIS/Softcard is going to collapse, Google needs to step up its game if it doesn’t want Google Wallet to fall as well.
  • Apple Watch is square 😦
  • Default watch face selection is corny, redundant, and lacking. Most of them are the same text superimposed on different backgrounds, yet are considered separate watch faces. More faces that resemble physical watchfaces would be a good idea.
  • Unless there is some super-early-pre-order option, Apple may lose potential Watch sales to Android and Tizen competitors by not having the Watch available in time for the 2014 holiday season. However, by the time that the Watch comes to market, the next-gen Android/Tizen smartwatches will probably be announced and might even be available, and those are the smartwatches against which the the Watch will compete.

Phillip Garton

  • iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are good evolutions but not awe inspiring as I would have hopped. It seams at best we have a phone with iPhone heritage and android improvements. Apple has finally started to give us missing features that our android buddies had. I would have been more impressed if it all hadn’t leaked two months ago or if design would have been breath taking. But I still want it and I still think the best just got better!
  • Google wall… What? Apple Payments is e-wallet done right! They are putting customer first. With hardware data encryption and the fact that my actual card number never getting shared is amazing. I have had fraud on my cards 3 times so the one time payment code is awesome! Apple is using its size , reach and partners to bring a complete solution to market instead if one side of the coin.
  • Apple watch is a personal electronic device that has a clock on it. To call it a watch I think is wrong. To me it places calls, helps with fitness goals and progress , responds to messages in new ways, maps, messaging, and a very customizable wearable and a watch last. To me it has as much in common with a wrist watch as my cell phone does with a pocket watch. Now with that being said I am excited to get one for all the other things it does first, and for where it might go, the fact it tracks time is a bonus.

Thorsten Gorny

  • iPhone 6 / 6+
    Everything better, faster …. and bigger. But besides that now
    surprise but I think it’s hard to make something great even greater…
    The only thing I miss as well is the better camera.
    But specs are not everything, we have to wait to see how the
    pictures really look but so far iPhone has definitely not the best
  • Apple Watch
    Technology: Certainly great but nothing really new. The only feature
    that the AWatch (?) has that other smart watches (moto, zen, gear)
    miss so far is the heart rate sensors / trackers… But even that was
    available in some fitness watch before but with HealthKit together I
    guess it makes a great fitness watch…Design: I did not expect anything great or groundbreaking new
    technology wise – but design wise I had major expectations… And I
    have to say I am hugely disappointed!!! To be honest when I saw the
    first pictures I thought this is a trick they are playing on the
    audience… Compared to moto or zen (also square) the AWatch is
    actually behind I think… The only nice and innovative part here are
    the wrist bands… design and concept wise Withing is definitely
    leading the pack, even though this is maybe a category in between…Integration / UI: UI and navigation with the crown is nice. But
    personally I think in terms of integration, technology and UI look and
    feel (and Sean you will be happy to hear) Google is way ahead…Overall a huge disappointment to me. Interesting as a fitness gadget
    but very expensive and for an everyday watch too ugly. And yes,
    you can’t compare this category to ‘real’ watches… To me nothing is
    more beautiful than a mechanical watch which is the ultimate sign of
    craftsmanship and engineering…
  • ApplePay
    Amazing how Apple manages to built partnerships with the ‘old economy’
    around new technology. This is the difference to Google. Yes, Google
    was way earlier on the market (like thousand other mobile payment
    startups) but only Apple manages to get this technology to the market
    with partnerships on a broad front to create the traction that is
    needed. I won’t be surprised too much if Apple in say 5 years replaces
    credit card companies – for that they will open the payment technology
    to other vendors in the next couple of years…
    To me the biggest deal from this keynote!
  • Free U2 album
    I can’t think of another tech company that comes even close to the
    attraction of Apple for celebs, music/film industry and media. I
    guess this is the coolness factor that Google / Microsoft etc. just
    don’t have.

In summary, those are the first reactions. Again, since we didn’t get to play with these devices, these are comments and reactions simply based on first impressions. Sep 19 is not that far away. Wish we could say more..

Meanwhile, here is a firsthand experience with the Apple Watch (Courtesy: CNet)



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