Sapphire Now 2015 – Preview

By Ganpy

Sapphire NOW 2015

We at Cogent decided not to participate at Sapphire this year for different reasons. So with that said, we will definitely be keeping an eye on the conference through many channels.

What to expect at Sapphire 2015?
Here is a quick preview.

The Usual Suspects:

  • Bill McDermott and Hasso Plattner – We sort of know what to expect from them. The message for this year will continue to be around “Simple” or “Run Simple” which they introduced last year. We can expect the whole venue being splashed with that Run Simple message with all customer case studies and demos being geared towards selling that message.
  • Analytics, Sports Analytics, Mobility, SAP Apps on all devices including wearables like Google Glass and even Apple Watch, et al.

Some old wine in some new bottles:

  • HANA – There will lots of HANA talk as SAP is definitely increasing its bets on HANA. The next couple of years could decide the future of HANA. But the HANA messages will be packaged differently. There will be many customer presentations, case studies on how S/4HANA changed their businesses by increasing their efficiency, etc.
  • Fiori and Lumira. Unlike the last couple of years when both Fiori and Lumira were presented in a disjoint manner, I expect SAP to present Fiori and Lumira more & more in the context of HANA. Fiori with HANA or Fiori/Lumira with HANA.


  • CRM – Even though SAP has been pushing its initiative “Cloud for Customer” for the past couple of years, with increased talk on Oracle having an eye on Salesforce, I speculate some action in this space. Either the “Cloud for Customer” initiative gets a brand new image or an absolutely out-of-nowhere announcement that SAP decides to make, I am expecting/speculating some big news in the CRM space.

In a few days, we will find out how I fared with my speculations.

If you are going to be at Sapphire, Do Enjoy the show!


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