Busy? Maybe. Boring? Never. This is how we roll at COGENT!!

By Sabita Reddy


Whether it is to waking up to a melodious alarm go off on your nightstand or to the polite greetings of the front desk staff of the hotel you are at..

May be the day just kickstarts with a meeting at the client’s or maybe you are just waiting to get off that red eye…

Not a day in the life of our SAP consultants goes by without having to juggle between different time zones, prioritize tasks for the day from their to-do lists, get frenzied about rewriting that report while making sure the kids get dropped off to their schools on time, make every effort to understand a possibly dysfunctional environment while seated at the new client’s office meeting, or review a report for the fourth time as the deliverables of the project are due in a few hours.

Such busy schedules and short timescales may seem to create the notion that this work is meant for those very few – who like to live the nomadic life. However, there are the others who have consciously chosen this arena and who also fall under the ‘consultant’ category, just because they have the opportunity to work in their pajamas sitting on that favorite recliner, or as they tuck their kid for a nap.

Being a consultant can be hard, but the flexible timing and working hours in this line of business means that the consultants are responsible for the time at work and also for the time they enjoy. If working hard, being busy, and wanting to have a ton of variety in your professional life, is a pursuit…then this job is certainly for you.

At Cogent, our SAP experts admit to enjoying every single day at their job. As they work on game-changing projects for various leading companies, they say they gain an in-depth knowledge of a different industry with every new project, and are challenged to do things differently every single time, to meet each client’s expectations. They love being dragged and made to jump out of their current routine tasks and lay hands on other on-going projects with their team-mates. Most exciting of all is that they feel lucky to socialize with people from different countries, cultures and disciplines. In the midst of all this chaos, they actually find time for some pleasure too. They enjoy the breathtaking views of the Mt. Rainier in the Northwest, and the blue skies and white sandy shores in Miami. They waste no time pretending to be Irish at the St. Paddy’s day parade in Chicago, or to just sit back and relish the flavors of the southern-style deep-pit barbecue while in Texas. At the end of their projects, our consultants are just eagerly looking forward to their next adventure that Cogent has for them.

Our troopers add that their ‘not-so-glamorous-work’ (realistically speaking), has turned out to be a fun and a challenging one instead. Being able to lean onto some great mentors at any given time of the day (who are ready to answer their call regardless of which time zone they are in), and being able to get the best staff support and incentive system at Cogent, they claim to take away a very unique experience that has continuously enriched and enhanced their professional and personal pursuits like no other company.

In simple yet true sense, Cogenters are busy exploring the best of all worlds, and Cogent promises to keep it that way for them!

We are just not a staffing company, but a family filled with knowledge, fun, security and stability.

Come, Grow with us!


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