[In this is new series, we are going to shine the spotlight on one Cogenter at a time – Learn a bit about what they do, their families, interesting facts about them, etc.]

Episode 1

By Sabita Reddy

Our Cogenter of choice for the first episode is Rob Hillman, Director, Enterprise IT Solutions & Delivery.

Rob Hillman

If the rest of us think that drinking champagne, and eating caviar, is living the dream; meet Rob Hillman, who thinks that he is living the dream every single day without any of the above, necessarily present.

A father to two daughters, two sons and a dog; a grandad to three, and who is eagerly expecting a forth, later this year, Rob is a young lover at heart who still feels extremely lucky and blessed to have been married to his wife, whom he hired for a challenging job on his team 20 plus years ago. Rob is a gentleman so content, yet so determined to live and inspire others by sending a message that true love and happiness never expire.

After traveling and living in many places around the globe, experiencing diverse cultures, Rob’s appetite for exploration has only gotten stronger. This certified sailboat skipper is ready to cruise the Great Lakes, the Atlantic coast of North America, the Caribbean and the Adriatic seas, soon.

As much as he loves spending time with his family or on the boat, he also loves helping big organizations in IT related services. He shares his expertise in business and information technology, with a focus in delighting clients. He manages to do all the things mentioned above, as he claims that Cogent has made it possible for him to do so. In his own words, I am a part of an organization that values people, values work-life balance and is run by honest, hard-working, and smart people. This describes Cogent and they have a history of bringing the right resources with the appropriate knowledge, skills and team chemistry to a project. Cogent and I are a great fit.”

Rob strongly believes how badly politicians and diapers need to be changed regularly. He very subtly passes on this absolutely indisputable message to anyone trying to find success in life…that life is all about continuously learning, growing, and improving.

With so much of success he has had personally and professionally, he still modestly denies having any secret power. Under this unpretentious personality of his, we think his real secret lies in his belief that nobody is old enough to know everything, and that, by putting aside the ‘I know it all’ attitude, and instead, constantly watching, learning and borrowing the lessons from others’ successes or failures, and continuously investing oneself in exploring more, anyone can live the dream.

Now, before you pause to go back, to reflect and contemplate the truth in the above message… here is something not many know about Rob — His first job was as a radio broadcaster.  On November 10, 1975, while working as a young news director at WSMM radio in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, he broke the story of a freighter that went down in a massive storm in Lake Superior taking the lives of all 29 men aboard.

The freighter was none other than the S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald.

One thought on “Spotlight

  1. Way to go Rob! You deserve to be in the Spotlight…cheers!

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