[In this series, we shine the spotlight on one Cogenter at a time – Learn a bit about what they do, their families, interesting facts about them, etc.]

Episode 2

By Sabita Reddy

Our Cogenter of choice for the second episode is Nagendra Peddireddy, Senior Consultant.

Nagendra Peddireddy

Nagendra grew up in a small town called Proddatur, Kadapa, in the state of Andhra Pradesh, in India. He still cherishes those days when bicycling and swimming were a favorite past time. What is really memorable to him are the days when learning to ride the bicycle was not only fun but a really proud accomplishment; and when learning to swim came instantly – especially when being dropped inside a huge natural well without a life jacket!! – (which then, by the way, was considered to be a very normal activity.) Like many of us, he treasures these memories much more because he got to learn them from his real hero – his dad. Today, many years later, residing in Ohio with two beautiful children and a wife; Nagendra Pedireddy still believes in the real pleasures from the simpler things that life offers.

As an IT person by profession, his main gig in the arena is to provide his expertise to organizations during the various phases of SAP BI implementation life cycle; from the initial planning through post-production. So far, he has gained 12 years of invaluable experience working for many industries all across the US and India. When not busy with SAP deliverables, he is occupied in various volunteering activities within his community. He believes in going an extra mile to do anything, that is, for a good cause.

Unlike the many divided people who can’t agree whether to be called ‘the cooks’ or just ‘home cooks’… this techie, who is a true food and cooking enthusiast at heart, and who can’t care any less to debate on what he should be called, is also an aspiring chef who considers food and the art of cooking very sacred. He wishes to master simple things such as being able to cook a variety of fun dishes for his kids, that he believes, will bring him the utmost joy as a parent.

What’s more interesting to know about Nagendra, is that, apart from his optimistic personality, and a never say can’t do attitude; he falls under the very few who have the will-power to get over an addiction…A smoker, who used to have cigarette packets on his desk all the time, he now has dried Amla (an Indian gooseberry plant) on his table instead.

This strong will-powered gentleman, who has proved to himself and set an example to others that he can make a healthy life-style change, and stick by it… we think, will no doubt fulfill his future dream! This chef at heart wants to be able to own his own restaurant where he can literally put to practice the mantra he lives by – ‘eat and let others eat’; and also be able to live by his philosophy of ‘Annadaatha Sukibhava’ – meaning, may the provider be happy.



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