B4C – Movies

One more post on B4C…

We expected a movie topic would drive some extra participation..and extra enthusiasm. And we think it did..

Here is an 18 minute condensed version of the all the movie fun we had during our 02/06/09 B4C session. The topic was “Which movie character(s) would you want to play?”.



Interview Interrupted

If the title is misleading, so was the interview. In yet another session of B4C, where we provide an outlet to  de-stress all the pressure you have built during the course of the week, the interview went haywire, because of…

Well..you can find out for yourself by listening to the podcast!


Disclaimer: All characters in the interview were fictional and do not bear any resemblance to anyone living or dead. The purpose of the call was simple & plain humor only.

"Batter for Chatter" ….. a dialogue initiative from Cogent !!!

I am sure, most of you must be still wondering what is “Batter for Chatter” all about. So I thought the best way to re-introduce the effort would be to actually update you with the happenings of our first session.

DISCLAIMER: This is “serious” stuff which really designs the next 6 months of your life (and later), so if I were you (which I am not, but “seriously”), I would pay some “serious” attention from this point on!!!

Day: 24th day of October 2008
3:38 PM EDT
Ganpy and I landed at the Detroit Airport – I take it back. Our flight landed. We landed could translate into us actually flying in the bad weather and if we really were, it would make sense to descend at our respective abodes !! We literally ran through the Friday crowd, with the only expectation that the call would comprise of a lot of participants, at least couple more sans the two of us.

4:15 PM EDT

I started to stare at the lights with annoyance hoping that all turn GREEN so that I am well situated before the call starts at 4:30 PM.
4:30 PM EDT

WE HAD HIT JACKPOT !!!!! Ganpy and I were not the only callers !!!! Big applause to Saurabh Mangal who was the first one to dial in. I wish I had a “free coupon to nowhere” to give to him but we ran out of those last week.

4:31 PM EDT

We used the first few minutes waiting for all of Cogent to join us, (I can hope right??) and then I introduced myself and what this call would be about clearly missing to mention the name “Batter for Chatter” completely. There was a rather extended round of introductions (hint for next time!!!) and then like a very focused moderator I asked callers to talk about their favorite memory of Diwali. Now that I think about it – It was not a fun transition (note to myself  – “Take off your work clothes”) but a rather “come on we are running out of time” one.

Key word – Time … next call we are definitely going to go till three quarters of an hour if not more.

As the mood lightened with the narratives and the jokes I felt good that we are really doing this. A dialogue platform where the COGENTERS can board the Fun Train!!

The 30 minutes seemed very less and we had to quickly end the call. But, but that does not mean you cannot talk about this week’s topic on the next call. You sure can!!!

4:59 PM EDT

Big cheers for COGENT!!

To me, the distance between all callers was suddenly lost and we seemed to be in a big arena with really bad audio systems and static. Jokes apart (about time  …whooo !!!), it was a true “Spirit of Cogent” moment !!!

If you are a “COGENTER” and if you think any or none of the following apply to you or probably all of the following apply to you we want you on our next session of “Batter for Chatter”:

  • You have ZERO or a LOT of Time !!!!
  • You have ZERO or a LOT of Sense of Humor !!!!
  • You have ZERO or a LOT of Focus !!!!