It’s the “Spirit of Cogent”!

By Ganpy

I am not sure why it took 9.5 years to publish this on this or any blog, but somehow there was this assumption that this was already shared.

This was written about 9.5 years ago. These words were also set to tune at that time and the song was released during our first Cogent Day celebrations held in Jan, 2008.

This anthem of sorts captures the essence of what defines the Spirit of Cogent.

It outlines how Cogenters strive towards quality in their work and highlights how Cogenters’ main competitors are themselves, as they try to outdo themselves every single time. Overall, this song brings out the 3C Principle that is at the center of Cogent.


Spirit of Cogent

Crackling sounds could distort one’s views
Our simple thoughts will fend off those noises
Instigating our desires
To outperform ourselves

Integrating all together
It’s the Spirit of Cogent!

Traveling borders and beaches
As a lantern for clarity
Working in bonhomie
Blooming creativity

Integrating all together
It’s the Spirit of Cogent!

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Stay glued!!




Golden Consultants

Hi there..
We achieve excellence at every turn – Even when we make movies. Here is a movie that was made fully in-house and we premiered it during Cogent Day’09. Oh, btw, talking about Cogent Day’09, it was a blast and you will hear from me soon talking about the event itself.

For now, I hope you enjoy the movie…



The Spirit of Cogent

This has been due for over a couple of months. For those of you who caught a glimpse of the “Spirit of Cogent”, which was launched on The Cogent Day, here it is again, in streaming audio format. For those who didn’t, well – here it is…
Clarity, Creativity and Connectivity – This is truly the spirit of Cogent. The sound that represents this spirit symbolizes a journey that transcends borders and barriers. The theme was created using sound elements from the Far East to the Far West. And you can feel the transition…and how these varied sounds come together in unison towards the end.



The Spirit of Cogent