Well. Those of you who have been breathing in and out the SAP air for a long time know what ABAP means to SAP.  ABAP does not just help build the basic building blocks of many applications in SAP but it also enables newer features to be built on top of the foundation.

HANA is a relatively new kid in the block. And not many consultants & programmers have had the opportunity to really play around with HANA other than database related features it offers.

In this context, it is really exciting for us to know what happens when the best of both the worlds meet. Database independent programming using Open SQL and unified Data models are really exciting if you are an ABAP programmer. Even though these announcements have been made in 2014, I guess it takes a while for the rubber to meets the road.

Please check this detailed article by Karl Kessler on SAP Insider, to get a more in-depth understanding of what all is possible.