Product Design and Supply Chain Management

Video –¬†Featuring¬†Peter Boyer


ASUG MI – Nov, 2013 – Cogent IBS as a sponsor

Ganpy, Principal, Cogent IBS and the practice lead of Enterprise Mobility at Cogent IBS delivered a session on : “Enhance your Employee Experience by Empowering them with Mobile tools”.
This is an edited version of that session.

We have a winner

“We have Ad-Sense”, the Cogent ad movie contest winner is “2 Many Cooks”.

This team was led by Vamsee Kamana and included Srini Thonta, Pramod Veguru and Nilesh Araligidad.

Vamsee was the brain behind this art. Congratulations to Vamsee and team.

Here is the prize winning video!

CogSAP'08 Videos

Well..there is a first for everything..Here are some video clips from the recently concluded CogSAP’08..

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