We Are Now A ‘Certified Minority Owned Business Enterprise’!

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At Cogent Integrated Business Solutions Inc., we’ve always been proud about being a minority owned enterprise, and about showcasing our diversity wherever we go. After being in business for more than 10 years, we are very excited to share the news that Cogent has been certified as a Minority Owned Business Enterprise (MBE) by MMSDC, as of December 2016.

This certification definitely encourages us to expand our efforts in sharing our diversity, by establishing ourselves as partners with organizations committed to working with businesses like us, in order to benefit from our services. This certification also supports our efforts to expand employment opportunities and job security, to other minorities as well.

As an IT services provider, offering consultative and results-driven solutions in SAP technologies, as well as providing employee productivity/ engagement and smart enterprise mobility products; getting this certification is an accomplishment for Cogent. We hope to enter, expand and deliver our technological offerings to the city and state governments, and educational institutions. We are very confident that the public and not-for-profit organizations will benefit tremendously through our capabilities.

Affiliation with MMSDC is surely a great start for Cogent as this allows hundreds of corporations access us through the council. Also, in conjunction with this certification; Cogent has already initiated the process to get certified with Michigan’s HUB program, by becoming a member of the Small Business Association. These certifications will not only open doors for us to enter the public domain; but, as an established  SAP consulting and mobile product development company, we can now successfully deliver our solutions and services to a variety of clients and industries across Michigan, and continue to ensure we deliver the highest levels of service that will benefit the community as a whole.

On behalf of the Cogent team, here is a shout out to all the organizations out there open to collaborating with us, that, ‘we guarantee we will make you feel as happy, satisfied, and proud working with us; just like we feel about our products and services!’


By Ganpy

SAP Screen Personas – Our Success Story

By Mayur Paranjpe

Business Challenge

A global manufacturing company was planning a pan Americas SAP Plant Maintenance (PM) rollout across 28 plant locations to replace its legacy PM application.

Key expected challenges for the SAP PM rollout were:

1) Change management
2) SAP adoption
3) User Training.

Moreover, with multiple acquisitions the user count doubled, adding integration and compliance of business processes to the challenges.

User-friendly SAP PM screens were critical to mitigate the challenges involved. A couple of years ago, they had tried creating user-friendly screens for SAP PM with GUI-XT at one of the locations, however, the experiment had failed.

With SAP announcing SAP Screen Personas 3.0 in 2015 there was new hope, however, they didn’t have any prior experience with the tool. They needed a team of experts who had done this before to come out and help them in the shortest possible time.

Cogent was chosen for the job.

Our Solution & Approach

Per SAP’s UX best practices, Cogent conducted a 2 day workshop at one of the plants involving business, IT and user teams. At the end of the workshop personas and flavors were defined and wireframes were drawn for each transaction screens. System requirements and gaps were identified for Personas 3.0 readiness.

All possible business process changes were considered and implemented including PM customizations. A prototype was developed in the sandbox and approved with business, IT and user inputs.

Corporate themes and best practices were defined and documented in a manual followed by Screen Personas flavor creations.

A Launchpad with Fiori visual features was developed to launch this real world commercial application.


  • Minimal change management issues due to easy adoption by non-super users like Plant Mechanics (both old and new users)
  • 100% business process compliance
  • 100% SAP adoption
  • Increased user productivity
  • Reduction in training cost & time
  • Significant increase in data quality

Note: Contact us at contact@cogentibs.com, if you want to learn more about how SAP Screen Personas can change user experience for the better, at all levels in your organization. Also, ask us about our free prototype offer.